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Artist: Dragos Ioneanu (View Portfolio)

Dragos Ioneanu is a Romanian born fine art photographer, now living in Copenhagen, Denmark. The move to Denmark coincided with the moment when he discovered the wonderful craft of photography. After a number of years experimenting with various genres... continue reading, Dragos honed his interests to fine art black and white photography, with subjects like modern architecture, coastline and urban agglomerations. He has won awards and been accredited with various prizes and nominations at major photographic competitions, including the International Photography Award, Prix de Photographie- Paris, Sony Photography awards and the Grand Prix de la Decouverte. Dragos' approach is a minimalist style using long exposure technique in order to simplify the scene and retain only the necessary elements in the final image. He enhances the look of his subjects, moving them from the everyday reality into a vision based hyper-reality, using advanced post-processing techniques (show less)


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